Green Barley in the Philippines. We ship around the world.

"Green Barley – A Total Food is the best health insurance you can buy – natural, preventive healthcare. There is a price to pay for health. You can pay now to stay healthy, or pay later to relieve pain & suffering."

Green Barley in the Philippines

Posted by Green Barley Admin On November - 6 - 2013

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Green Barley Saves – at its new online home now!

Posted by Green Barley Admin On June - 16 - 2010

Hi there!

Last night, we blogged about moving to the new own domain of Green Barley Saves! We’ve just arrived. That was fast! A little tweak here and there from GoDaddy to Bluehost, and we’re ready to serve you well in our new abode.

We already successfully transferred all the posts from our old online home to our new home here. We will retain the old URL and redirect it to the new URL for traffic purposes.

We still need to change the theme and add some WordPress addons at this new online address to make your experience at our new URL a favorable one.

Be back.

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Green Barley Saves – moving to its own domain!

Posted by Green Barley Admin On June - 15 - 2010
Field of barley
Field of Barley

Hi readers, dealers, and clients of green barley!

We’re moving to a new location – – in a few days.

This is an advance notice. We’re just excited to announce it.

We hope to serve you well there in our new house online. We’d be happy to serve you with more eagerness and enthusiasm in our initiative to share the amazing benefits of green barley for your health and for your wealth. You’re all included in our plan to help you become social entrepreneurswe are helping ourselves and others be naturally healthy through green barley while earning and helping others earn, too. (Errors in prescribing medicines/drugs are the third largest causes of death, and they are often costly; we can help by spreading the miracles of green barley – natural and low-cost health supplement)

HarveyKeh of the Philippine Daily Inquirer defines social entrepreneurs as “individuals who act as change agents for society, inventing new approaches and pattern-changing solutions to our most pressing social problems”. We hope you can join us in our quest to spread about the good news of green barley – the best, natural preventive health care and miraculous healer (next to God) for diseases around the world.

We believe in our product – the green barley – a miracle food, and forever we will carry out our mission to spread this word about green barley through our Green Barley Saves (GBS) initiative.

GBS for life!

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